Art Direction, Motion Design & Illustration by Patrick Hosmer

Fashion While Hacking: Guy Code Art Dept

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If you've seen Guy Code on MTV2 you'd know the show is chock-full of delicious instructo-animations. These visuals are created by a small team of highly disciplined artists who spend countless hours honing their craft... kicking a bean-filled sack to one another next to a freight elevator. 

Meet the team. 

Austin is an Illustrator and he also runs the team's Drawn From Memory blog.

Mister: What's your favorite part of working on Guy Code?

Austin: Breakfast.

Mister: Do you have a favorite hack move?

Austin: Tres Leches. That's when three guys go for the sack at the same time and touch toes.

  1. Shirt: Penguin
  2. Watch: Seiko
  3. Shorts: Polo
  4. Socks: Uniqlo
  5. Shoes: Reef

* Sack: Colorado

Hugo does illustration, motion and vfx compositing and is one half of Dayjob Etc. 

Mister: What's the weirdest thing you've done working on Guy Code?

Hugo: One time I changed a blue penis purple.

Mister: How many penises have you drawn this season?

Hugo: 17.

  1. Shirt: Gap
  2. Jeans: Levi's
  3. Shoes: Some mall in Philly

*Sack: Swedish

Patrick is the Art Director and most of the hacky sacks are his. Some were gifts.

Mister: Do you ever get in trouble for hacking in the office?

Patrick: Yes, for hacking and some light damage to the facility. We need a lot of space!

Mister: Has hacking at work brought you guys closer as a team?

Patrick: I wouldn't say that.

  1. Shirt: Urban Outfitters
  2. Jeans: 1969
  3. Phone: iPhone 5S
  4. Shoes: Patagonia
  5. Glasses (not pictured): Fabulous Fanny's

*Sack: Reddy Tuxspin

Matt is a motion designer with a completely empty website. He is also, fortuitously, ambidextrous. 

Mister: What's your favorite part of working on Guy Code?

Matt: Girl Code.

Mister: What happened to your wrist?

Matt: I got hit by a car biking to work.

  1. Shades: Facial Index
  2. Shirt: J. Crew
  3. Watch: Rolex
  4. Jeans: APC
  5. Wrist brace: NYU ER
  6. Shoes: Vans

*Sacks (left to right): Hakistan, Roy

Ray is a director and animator. He is not on Facebook. 

Mister: What's your favorite hack move?

Ray: Paparazzi. That's when you stall the sack on your shoulder and everyone else pretends to take photos of you like you're famous and you do a little sashay. 

Mister: Sounds difficult.

Ray: It's incredibly difficult.

  1. Shirt: Uniqlo
  2. Jeans: Levi's
  3. Shoes: Gola

*Sack: Hakistan

Rory is an illustrator and animator and the creator of Garbage Time.

Mister: What's your favorite part of working on Guy Code?

Rory: Free XXL wardrobe at the end of the season.

Mister: Favorite hack move?

Rory: Steve Green. You stand perfectly still and the sack just lands on your foot. Takes practice. Steve Green is a guy who stands very still.  

  1. Shirt: Barbour outlet (5 shirts for 100 bucks!)
  2. Undershirt: Guy Code Season 4 wardrobe
  3. Phone: Samsung Galaxy 4S
  4. Boxers: Somewhere in Maine; they have lobsters on them
  5. Pants: Uniqlo
  6. Socks: Puma
  7. Shoes: iPath

*Sack: Stallbert

Cyp is a motion designer and was recently profiled in a Dell commercial with short hair.

Mister: What's your favorite part of working on Guy Code?

Cyp: I just discovered a Keurig on the 3rd floor. That.

Mister: What was your favorite thing before that?

Cyp: I guess Starbucks.

  1. Flannel shirt: Uniqlo
  2. Hair band: Rite Aid
  3. T-shirt: Metsatöll concert
  4. Pants: All Saints
  5. Shoes: Vans

*Sacks (left to right): Roy, Hakistan, Reddy Tuxspin, Colorado, Stallbert, Swedish

Season 5 of Guy Code airs every Wednesday at 11/10c on MTV2. If you spot the purple penis you win!

Fashion While Sneezing 1

Fashion While Sneezing 2

Fashion While Sneezing 3

Man! I Feel Like a Woman

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Which guy would you date?! Choose!!

Escape from Fuck Zone is the followup to creator Woody Fu's Escape from the Friend Zone game. It's an illustrated choose-your-own adventure all about city dating and heartbreak and misery. Good fun! Very funny! 

I did some art for the launch of the app. The three gentlebros pictured are the main archetypes of less-than-stellar date material available in the game. Not pictured are the hundred or so other dudes hollering at you on the in-game Tinder-ish app which IMO is the best (saddest) part of the experience. 

Play it here or download the app for free.