Art Direction, Motion Design & Illustration by Patrick Hosmer

Poster Twins: Sphere & Future Sport

Added on by Patrick Hosmer.

One of the axioms of Poster Twins is one of the movies is always a mainstream blockbuster and the other is simply a Blockbuster. Essentially one is known and the other is not. Which makes sense. When you're the person in the art department tasked with doing mock ups for movie covers, you never really know what market you're ultimately working in. Future Sport might only be going to Europe or Asia. You don't know if your title is going to read horizontal or vertical, much less what the actual title is. "Future Sport" is clearly a working title that just never got changed. 

The designer was probably told to make several layouts for Future Sport, and be ready to take Wesley Snipes out just in case there's legal whatevers with his work status and his ONE SCENE has to be cut. Plus you never know; it miiiight have a theatrical release. That's always the hope. Whoever made this copied Sphere's cover because he/she was assuming that with all the variables, it would never go out as is with zero changes. 

And of course it did because who cares. This is how almost all straight-to-video movie art gets made: you half-ass it to a certain point until you realize the certain point is actually the completion point and you just half-assed the entire thing. 

And because I'll never see Future Sport (for religious reasons) I can't confirm if the rules of Orange vs. Blue apply here. Could you watch it and let me know?