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If We Start a Book Club I Pick First

Added on by Patrick Hosmer.

"I'm a free man and I haven't had a conjugal visit in six months. This book looks great!"

    - Michael Bolton, Office Space

How brave of Hephzibah Anderson to share with us her journey of choosing not to fuck anyone. For a whole 365 days. The courage it must've taken for this hot, wealthy British woman to abstain from intercourse... she's a hero. A sexually enlightened hero. For that entire year. I'm sure it was every bit as unexpected as the title claims. 

This is totally the book I'm picking for our Book Club. 

It's either that or Grounded: My Bold Decision Not to Fly in Private Jets For One Year by Jamie Foxx or Guiltless: The True Story of How I Told My Friends Not To Give Me Any Blood Diamonds For a Year by Gwyneth Paltrow. 

But I'm probably going with Chastened because in addition to being a totally awesome-sounding book (and not a terrible-sounding LiveJournal), the publisher smartly chose to go with a Pop Science Cover: Simple Title. Explanation Subtitle. Metaphorically Obvious Object Over White. This makes me think it'll be extra insightful and not condescending at all. 

Incidentally, I'm writing my own audacious memoir which will hopefully be done by the time it's your turn to pick a book for our Book Club. Upgraded: The Brave Story of How I Am Holding Off On Getting The iPhone 4 For a While.