Art Direction, Motion Design & Illustration by Patrick Hosmer


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I am 27. I have a tiny group of friends who are on their way to being doctors and I have a childhood pal who is running for mayor somewhere in Virginia. But mostly everyone I know works in television and they all make fun of it.

I'm not sure where I was going with that, but look at this this shit:

OH MY GOD. There is something about doing a code where you're just like, "Those Nazis will never fucking defeat me." How smart do you feel looking at this? Kinda like you could take on the Vatican, right? I know. Yo, there are mad coincidences in everything so if you ever find yourself backed into a logic corner, just pull out a pen and write a sentence and stare at it for about six hours and you will find something in there that will blow your enemy's dome off. It's magic, I think. Or maybe it's not but either way it makes me believe in the devil. 



I will take the Illuminati down, I swear it.